Connect the relay harness to the slot. Page 14 Connect the relay harness to the slot. Media matches the printer specifications. Dispose of the waste toner bottle. Replacing Consumables Handle the toner cartridges carefully to avoid spilling toner inside the printer or on yourself. Maintaining The Printer Never use sharp or rough implements, such as wire or plastic cleaning pads.

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Place the printer on a flat, hard, level surface.

KONICA MINOLTA Printer Drivers Download

Cold-water-transfer paper Pressure sensitive Designed specifically for inkjet printers such as superfine paper, glossy paper, glossy film, and postcards Already printed on by another printer, copier, or fax machine Dusty Wet or damp!

K 9 Remove the packing tape from the imaging unit. Page Load the media face up in Tray 2. If the problem persists, contact your local vendor or authorized service provider.

If media other than envelopes are printed without the levers returned to their normal positions, decreased print quality may result. As of September 30,we discontinued dealing with Copy Protection Utility on our new products. Some applications allow you to set custom page sizes and margins while others have only standard page sizes and margins from which to choose.

Insert the laser lens cleaning tool into the laser lens cleaning opening, pull it out, and then repeat this back and forth movement 2 or 3 times. Loading Media How do I load media? Turn off all power switches first. There are The media transfer toner roller is dirty.


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Page Make sure that the media guides are firmly pushed against the left and right sides of the banner paper. Page 3 Push down the left and right release levers M2 to the position. Some parts of the envelope mc74450 of three layers of paper—the front, back, and flap.

Too rough of a surface Material that will melt, vaporize, offset, discolor, or emit dangerous fumes Been presealed Media Types The number of sheets Remove the excess media and reload in the tray exceeds the correct number of sheets in the the maximum tray.

In addition, provision and support of download ended on September 30, This could lower image quality. Page Status, Error, and Service Messages Status, error, and service messages are displayed in the control panel message window. Note Since a media misfeed or decreased print quality may occur, be sure to return the levers on the fuser unit to the setting for plain paper before printing on media other than envelopes.

Printing on Envelopes 1 Pull the lever, and then open the right side cover.


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The tray is empty. AUTO is selected, the printer automatically selects the printer emulation language from the data stream. With this menu, maintenance on this printer can be performed. Status, Error, And Service Messages Status, error, and service messages are displayed in the control panel mes- sage window. You can find your printer type and the toner cartridge part numbers on the consum- ables reorder label inside the konicx cover your printer.

If NO is selected, AppleTalk is disabled. Something is wrong Plug another electrical appliance into with the outlet conthe outlet and see whether it operates nected to the printer. Push the waste toner konicq lever.

Print a configuration page that the total amount minplta the RAM installed in your printer is listed. The M2 release levers will automatically return to their correct original positions when you close the top cover.

The printer is ready to accept data. Got it, continue to print. Download and use utility software, printer drivers and User’s Guides for each product.