The first two Synaptics drivers caused a complete loss of the Touchpad. Original post can be found here: For the Newer Driver Packages you should use the. Then you can look in the extracted folder:. Android – Android Operating system and its peripherals discussions. The driver is used to enabled the trackpad feature.

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Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Right click the Start Button and select Settings:. If the reason for disabling the touchpad while a mouse is plugged is because of phantom cursor movements, I have another work around that seems to be working well for me.

Windows 10 Tip: Is your touchpad not working? We have the solution

I also found the “-BSM” kit which is more like what we need. So it seems to be a weird driver issue, but thank you again for your time and your willingness.

Keep it civil and on topic. User imessage noted that the Cypress Dell drivers worked better, and after an install I would agree: Then to enable it again, before you disconnect your mouse do it again, but click on enable.


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Windows 10 Tip: Is your touchpad not working? We have the solution

Click it and go to the Hardware tab. Interestingly it looks like I am indeed running a Synaptics touchpad – it is still detected thus: Watch it on YouTube and leave him a like and a comment:.

Tech Support – dedicated to solving problems and helping others out. This worked for me with Ubuntu Dell 11z — tried with both 32bit Anniv and Creat: Then click on disable, or enable. Hello I preferred the synaptics because it had a lot more options. Precision trackpad on Aero 15W V8 chuck95Jul 22,in forum: Please consider leaving a donation or clicking on the affiliate link if you are planning on buying Office or a SSD Upgrade for your system anyway.

I’m attempting to update to windows 10, but the windows installer keeps telling me to uninstall Cypress Touchpad before moving on download. Does the Cypress touchpad have the potential to be better than the Synaptics touchpad? You will be told the driver version and date. Fortunately however this unofficial guide is well-reached and many Dell customers have tested and reported the best driver for their system.

Although the poster in the first link found the fix did not work fully in their case, it has completely resolved it for me.


Then you can look in the extracted folder:. It will give you a list of all the things you can change.

Cypress TrackPad

Select the address of the Download location and right click it then left click copy:. I saved all the links but there are over 50 of them. Select Downloads and make a new folder, call it Touchpad:. In fact, they might be slightly smoother than the synaptics in some regards. In a tluchpad number of cases the driver will not be installed and Windows 10 will still continue to use its generic driver. Select Browse my computer for driver software:. In this case the generic Microsoft driver is used.

You may have to further extract using a utility like 7zip I advise 7zip version 9. Great stuff on the reg entries.

The main program executable is CyCpIo.